What's Brewing

Move over Doge! Time for BEER. 

Stellar BEER Token combines the speed and security of the Stellar Blockchain Network, with the power of a universal beer community.

Digital BEER. So Stellar. Much Flavour

Beer has gone from a drink, to a retail commodity, to a multi layered international category, now we're turning BEER an inter-planetary digital currency.

The great thing about BEER is that it is simple as it is complex. It’s made up of only a few elements, but yet offers so much depth and character.

That’s Stellar BEER Token in a nutshell.


As we move to a dual world of money and digital currencies, Stellar BEER Token is on a mission to empower and connect a global drinks community, through crypto asset that is low cost, sustainable and grounded by the most secure and advanced blockchain technology.

Our mission is to lead the change and drive real world adoption, usage, and velocity of Stellar BEER Token and other Stellar based crypto's for the people in a fun and familiar way at a retail level, connecting people, friends, family, beer brands, beer drinkers, breweries, clubs, and venues nationwide to worldwide.

Stellar Network

The Stellar Network is a platform that connects banks, payments, systems and people. 

Stellar makes it possible to create, send, and trade digital representations of all forms of money, pretty much anything. 

Stellar Network is fast, secure and powers BEER Token and many other tokens which can be traded and exchanged on the network for a fraction of the fee compared to traditional options.

Learn about the Stellar Network

BEER Token for Business.
Fast. Cheap. Secure. Green

BEER Token is a verified Stellar Asset that can be exchanged for value anywhere on the planet.

BEER Token and all other assets on the Stellar Network are fast, secure, cheap and green, and offers businesses a crypto payment platform linked to a secure digital network across the world.

Payments can be sent and received within a few seconds, with instant settlement, fast transfers and low cost with no extra hardware required.

Whether paying for drinks and a meal with BEER, tipping BEER to venues and staff, holding BEER as an investment, shouting family and friends BEER - BEER Token helps everyone out.

Stellar BEER Strategy

Lead the XLM token market by example,  increasing the awareness, visibility, usage and education of BEER Token, Stellar Ecosystem, XLM, Exchanges, Wallets et all.


Educational resources to raise awareness & visibility of BEER Token & other tokens in the market.


Increase adoption of BEER Token and other tokens in commerce by the broader community and business sector.


Increase usage of BEER Token & other tokens in the licensed trade, retail sector & between family & friends.


Increase velocity and utility of crypto & the ongoing value exchange through buying, selling, exchange, swap or trade.


BEER Token is a vision of the future beer economy, here to help people transition and adapt to crypto currencies in a fun and familiar way for spending, shopping, sending, saving and doing business everyday in bars, clubs, hotels, pubs, retail and more.

We have lots of very exciting things brewing at BEER Token coming up soon, grab yourself a beer, and check out our BEERPAPER.


What's BEER Token Brewing?

BEER Directory

The Stellar BEER Directory aims to be a virtual showcase and digital archive of every craft and commercial brewery around the world, connecting beer drinkers with local breweries.


TIP Token Partner program connects local businesses and staff to Stellar Networks so beer lovers can tip BEER tokens and any other Stellar token to show their appreciation and help local bars, clubs, pubs and venues grow.

BEER Academy

A virtual Beer University with educational tools and resources for beer lovers and beer businesses, from Basic Beer 101, tasting notes to beer maths for breweries.

BEER Market

Beer gear, beer collectibles, memorabilia and NFT’s to buy, sell and trade offered by your favourite breweries and beer brands around the world that are crypto friendly.


May 2021
BEER Token Issued on Stellar Network
Social channels activated
Telegram Chat channel launched

June 2021
Website Launch
Focus on community growth
Airdrops & Comps Started

July 2021
Distribution reward to holders
Marketing & partnerships

August 2021
Official Beer Token Launch
Early Airdrop Completed


September 2021
BEER Tokens for Wholesale Issued
BEER Tokens for Supply Chain Issued
BEERPAPER v1.0 Completed
Business Recovery Program Launch
New Exchange Listings - P2PB2B
Cross Promotions with other Stellar Tokens
Cross promotions with Selected Venues

December 2021
BEER Market Launch
Beer Gear, Collectibles, NFT's
BEER Directory Launch

Token Information

There are a total issuance of 5,000,000,000 BEER TOKENS now and forever. The issuing account is permanently locked! Do not spend more than you are willing to invest, and remember to Drink Responsibly. CHEERS!

Symbol: BEER

Name: Beer Token

Decimal Places: 3

Total Supply: 5,000,000,000

Home Domain: beer.stellarmint.io


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Buy BEER Token?

As a Stellar XLM asset, BEER Token is readily available from LOBSTR, StellarTerm and Interstellar decentralized exchanges. Beer Lovers looking to buy BEER will first need Stellar Lumens, or XLM — Stellar’s base currency that is readily available from a variety of top exchanges.

How can I hold BEER Token?

Any Wallet that supports Stellar tokens will support BEER Token - for example LOBSTR Wallet.

Is BEER Token on Presale?

BEER Token is available to everyone now. There will be a distribution reward for holders before our official launch, scheduled to coincide with International Beer Day on Aug 6, 2021.

Who owns BEER Token?

BEER Token is a universal currency and belongs to everyone. BEER Token was originally created by an ex-brewery exec turned developer, Peter Kais, who now acts as the custodian for BEER Token and manages the website, social media community, telegram support channels and marketing partnerships.

This page provides general information about Stellar BEER Token. Nothing should be construed as a solicitation of an offer to buy any asset or other investment products or services. 

Nothing published by Stellar BEER Token or any of its partners or subsidiaries should be interpreted as investment advice. Information is provided for educational purposes only. Stellar BEER Token is in no way providing trading or investment advice.

Statements regarding Stellar BEER Token's future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice and represent goals and objectives only. 

If you have questions, please feel free to stop by our Twitter @stellarbeer or Telegram @stellarbeertokenchat and contact us anytime!

Support BEER.