About Us

Connecting people, business and industry, one BEER Token at a time.

The world and economy as we know it, is changing and crypto currencies are becoming more familiar, accepted, and trusted part of our lives.

Unlike paper fiat currency, crypto can’t be printed and is not controlled by central banks.

BEER Tokens and many cryptos are driven by the people, independent and operate in the free open market without intervention and manipulation. 

BEER Token Family is here to help people transition, adapt, integrate and use Stellar crypto in a fun and familiar way for spending, shopping, sending, saving and doing business everyday. 

Our Vision
Our vision for BEER Tokens is simple; people using BEER Tokens to pay for beer of course, a meal, shout mates virtual beers, send money, tip servers, venues, pay for supplies, crowdfunding, loyalty programs, staking, rewards for spending, sending, using and saving BEER Tokens.

Our Strategy
Our strategy is simple too.. 4 parts; Education - Adoption - Usage - Velocity which we will execute through our website, tech platform, social media channels, and a range of airdrops, giveaways, promotions and partnerships.

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